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Pisces Zodiac Crystals Support Set


This gorgeous set of natural healing crystals has been specially selected to support those born under the Libra star sign. Included in this 8 piece set are 6 different good sized crystals, a Selenite charging slab and a Palo Santo stick for smudge cleansing.

All beautifully presented in a Wished For gift box plus a natural cotton pouch for keeping your crystals safe and a stone information card.

Crystals are cleansed and Reiki charged.

Included are:

SODALITE- a powerful stone for enabling you to understand any emotional or psychological hurdles that may be holding you back. It brings clarity and inner peace to your mind

AQUAMARINE- a gentle calming energy that promotes harmony. It balances emotions and helps you to be more tolerant of others, especially if you have a tendency to be critical & judgemental.

ZEBRA CALCITE - a grounding stone which encourages will power and inner strength. Ithelps to overcome feelings of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

BLUE LACE AGATE - an emotional healer supporting the throat chakra. It boosts your ability to communicate, allowing you to verbalise inner thoughts and feelings.

CHEVRON AMETHYST - a powerfully spiritual stone. It helps you connect to your higher self, allowing you to be guided by your inner wisdom and intuition.

BLOODSTONE - a grounding stone excellent for giving you a mental boost, allowing creativity and clarity to break through. Helps with decision making and keeping you connected to the present moment.

Selenite slab - to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

Palo Santo stick - to purify and cleanse your space & crystals.

* Disclaimer - the descriptions of the crystal healing properties are not intended to represent medical advice. You are always advised to seek professional help for any medical problems.

Crystals: Sodalite, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Blue Lace Agate, Chevron Amethyst, Zebra Calcite, Selenite, Palo Santo

Size: varying from 2.5cm - 4cm, Selenite slab - 10cm x 4cm

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