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Blue Opal, Aquamarine & Howlite Bracelet | Calm Haven

• Handmade in the UK  • Genuine gemstones & sterling silver  • Gift boxed with free UK delivery


Find your moments of calm with this handmade gemstone bracelet in a soothing palette of blue and white.

Combining an eclectic mix of semi precious gemstones and sterling silver with an emphasis on form and balance, the gemstones used in this piece have been chosen for their calming and emotional balancing properties.

Features a 1.5" extender chain making the bracelet adjustable between 7" and 8.5"

Gemstone metaphysical & spiritual properties

HOWLITE - a very soothing stone, Howlite calms the energy around you allowing you to feel less stressed and anxious. 

AQUAMARINE - calming & stress relieving, the watery blue Aquamarine helps you let go of emotional baggage, allowing a gentle peaceful energy to wash over you.

BLUE AVENTURINE - emotionally balancing, this crystal helps to clear out stagnant energy, allowing you to communicate effectively and be your true self.

BLUE OPAL - helps to calm the mind and ease tension.

STERLING SILVER - used with crystals it can attract and retain their properties, enabling the crystal energy to flow freely.


Your beautiful bracelet comes with a crystal information card and a Wished For gift box.


Gemstones: A+ grade:  White Howlite, Aquamarine, Blue Aventurine, Peruvian Blue Opal

Metal: Sterling silver with Wished For logo tag

Size: Adjustable 7" to 8.5"

Disclaimer: The crystal healing described is not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, please consult a healthcare professional for advice. Although crystals can be a wonderful way to support the mind, body and spirit, please remember that the energy healing properties are spiritual in nature and should form part of an holistic healing approach.


All our jewellery items include FREE standard UK delivery. 

UK Special Delivery is available - £6.95

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